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We at Monaxis are a team of cloud experts dedicated to providing high-performing technology solutions, professional services, and operations. We are researchers, innovators and enablers to empower modern businesses.

About Us

“Your Cloud Journey Starts Here”

From our inception in 2020, our objective is to work with our clients as consultants so that we establish trust through our repeated actions and constant value addition. We operate as a part of your team, work towards common goals effectively and quickly, share the success and celebrate!

From our extensive cloud migration and cloud consultancy experience, one thing was obvious: Where migration to cloud was difficult, operating in the cloud also comes with its own set of challenges. We have set out on a mission to help you achieve what was promised when you had set out on the cloud journey.


"Discover Our Cloud Solution"

Monitoring & Cost Optimization

We help you monitor your cloud workloads and provide recommendations on ensuring cost optimization.

Backups & Disaster Recovery (DR)

We help you ensure your business keeps running with reliable cloud backups and disaster recovery solutions.

Security Solutions

We help ensure your most critical business assets are protected by focusing on what matters most.

Learning Management Systems

We help you transform the way your organization continuously learns and adapts to changes.

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Streamline Your Work


Monitoring can be very painful in multi-cloud and hybrid environments. We help ensure you are covered against unwanted outages by recommending and implementing tools to monitor and manage your application, database and network layers.

Learning Management Systems

We help empower you with the tools to effectively and easily train masses both internal and external to your organization by seamlessly integrating with your existing Microsoft 365 tenant. Training and tracking people becomes a breeze.

Cost Optimization

The main reason why you migrated to cloud in the first place is cost optimization. We work with you to identify areas of improvement to bring down your cloud costs using cloud native and third party integrations.

Security Solutions

We work with you on tools which improve your security posture significantly such as identity protection and endpoint detection and response solutions


We help you identify and implement backup technology which is best suited to your needs. Our core focus is that you have a single tool to backup and restore.

Disaster Recovery (DR)

We help you differentiate between high availability and disaster recovery and work with you to deploy true DR solutions for your core business operations.

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